Harald Maier live - Klagenfurt, Austria

VERVE CENTRAL WÖRTHERSEE Kurandtplatz 1 / Artecielo 9020 Klagenfurt a. Wörthersee, Austria
19:30 PM
Brand Partners and guests
Special guest:
Harald Maier, Royal Ambassador
Event Info:
Ex-professional cyclist (participated 3 times in the "Tour de France", 5 times in the Professional World Championship, 3 times winner of the "Crocodile Trophy"), nutritional and mental coach of many successful athletes. He has learned to always listen to your body. This exceptional athlete shows the obvious connections of a adequate nutrition and a long-term health. Harald Maier is the best example for the 100% success: he clearly illustrates how to strengthen the natural way your immune system and your body's perform. In his presentation, you will learn:
how prevent diseases by simple healthier, energetic and more efficient life
how to overcome chronic diseases and allergies
how to make your body young permanently
how to use the secret of the 91 essential nutrients for yourself
... and some things that your doctor will never tell you!