Press Release - Fred Stege


We're very excited to announce that Fred Stege, Co-Founder of Vemma Europe has decided to return to the field as a Vemma Brand Partner to build an exciting Vemma team around the world!

Please see below the full press release, including statements from Fred Stege and Vemma management.

Vemma Europe Co-Founder Fred Stege joins the Brand Partner Team!

DUBLIN, IRELAND, February 28, 2011 - Vemma is excited to announce that Vemma Europe Co-Founder Mr Fred Stege will become a Vemma Brand Partner. After spending the last 6 years as Co-CEO of Vemma Europe, Fred has decided to return to the field to build an exciting Vemma team around the world.

“I am very excited about Vemma. Now, I have the time, experience and ability to fulfil my passion again, and that is to work in the field helping new Brand Partners realize their potential. I look forward to working closely with my new team and all of the new Vemma Brand Partners we will introduce to this amazing opportunity.” said Fred Stege, who has more than 18 years of network marketing experience and also is a successful entrepreneur.

“We believe that Fred’s decision to continue his success story as a Vemma Brand Partner not only allows him to pursue his passion, but is also an amazing opportunity for Vemma.” said Simon Grabowski, Vemma Europe Co-Founder and COO. “When we launched Vemma Europe in 2006, Fred was not only one of the Founding Fathers of our company, but he was a networking maverick who led the field by example. For instance, Fred run over 300 one-on-one meetings during our 90 day start-up phase. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his drive. His new position allows him to go back and focus on his passion.” added Grabowski.

Vemma Europe Co-Founder and COO Simon Grabowski and Vemma Europe President and CEO BK Boreyko today thanked Fred for his ongoing commitment to Vemma Europe and also wish him great success in his new career as a Vemma Brand Partner.