Vemma Europe Pre-Convention Tour

Vemma Pre-Convention Tour

It’s the 2011 Pre-Convention Tour March 25th-29th!

Join us in Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, then Milan in June.

Get ready to pick up the torch and win big in 2011, starting with Vemma Pre-Convention Tour. Sounds like a marathon? In a sense it is.

It's a unique chance to taste the experience of the "Y" factor while listening to the Vemma Top Leaders and Royal Ambassadors Tom Alkazin and Ruth Elliott. If you look at the Milan convention as a main course the Tour is the starter. Why? We couldn't keep you waiting that long and that's why we bring all the inspiration and enjoyment directly to you in 4 European cities.

So join us in a speaking tour that will energize your mind like Vemma does your body!

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