Pre-Convention Tour Recap

Vemma Pre-Convention Tour

Vemma 2011 Pre-Convention Tour Recap

From now on, we should call this the Grande Pre-Convention Tour of 2011! March 25-29 - just 5 days - but what a whirlwind of networking, training, and sheer inspiration! Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria! Tom Alkazin, Ruth Elliot, Brad Alkazin and European Brand Partner super-stars! All within feet of us on stage, sharing their insights and vision for the future.

We met old friends and made new ones, told stories and, most of all, learned how to help each other reach our loftiest Vemma goals. We were reminded that, by working together as a team, Vemma Europe has the power to enhance the health and well being of millions of people around the world…and that’s powerful!
For those of you who were fortunate enough to join us on our tour, we know you have been energized and amazed by the realization that Vemma has become a truly global phenomenon.

Now onto Milan! It’s time to spread the word and pack our bags for the Main Event!

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All aboard for the next phase of your “Why” journey!