Builder Packs now available in Romania!


Magical boxes with nutritious content!

The most incredible boxes have made their appearance on the Vemma stage in Romania! Check out the Builder Packs distinguished by three fabulous colors - blue, silver and gold!

And there are even greater treasures inside!

This is what we have all been waiting for!
Each box offers a tantalizing combination of our most desired products - Verve, Premix and V2, plus fantastic brochures which - due to their unique design and content - will convince everyone that Vemma and mangosteen are crucial in our lives!

So don't wait, avoid the rush and order now!

Magical Builder Packs are the best solution for everyone who really loves Vemma and Verve.
Their content surpasses all expectations!
Have you ever dreamed of anything so fabulous?
And yet this is just the beginning!